BMW Connection


Launching at the South Coast Plaza mall in Orange County California in November 2014, the first BMW pop-up space in North America marks the launch of new marketing program for BMW that will change how consumers engage with this iconic brand. The space blurred the lines between art and science, while showcasing BMW’s rich history of innovation.

Speaking to the hybrid sports car’s blend of technology, luxury, and classic design; the installation channeled a retro futuristic aesthetic. A intricate display of over 5,000 LEDs responded to movement as visitors walked through the space, evoking the connectivity and innovation of the car.

Over 85,000 guests visited the space during its 10-week duration, generating a 33% increase in sales for the region.

Even Marketer 2015 Silver Ex Award Winner for Best Pop-Up Store

Creative + Design Direction – Ric Edwards
Art Direction – Kimberly Kulka
3D Modeling – Jurasama Arunchai
Project Management – Kristian Almgren, Dana Reid, William Prokop

Experiential, Environmental design, retail design, interior design, brand design, furniture design
BMW North America